Significant Letters: Messages from the Sideline of the Transgender

Community is an anthology written by and for the loved ones and significant others of adult transgender people. The focus of this anthology is the true, personal stories and experiences of those who are in close relationships with transgender and gender transitioning people. Contributors of all genders are encouraged to submit. For this volume, we’re excluding parents of minor children who are transgender.

Submissions can take any form they need to take and may be submitted in writing or via audio format. We envision letters, stories, poetry – even (black-and-white) art, photography, and comic strips if that’s what brings our support for each other forward. They can be anonymous and employ pseudonyms if that’s what’s needed. They can be about feelings, surgery, relationship advice – whatever people are inspired to submit. We are asking for approximately 3,000 words max, but that’s open to negotiation.

Deadline: December 31, 2011

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About the Editors:

Laura Davenport is the partner of a transman, Jordan, who is also her publishing partner for this anthology. Laura holds a bachelor’s degree in English with both general and English honors from the University of Oregon. She has also earned a master’s degree in Public Administration from Portland State University. Professionally, she writes and edits business communications on a daily basis, and recreationally, she’s an avid reader. Her inspirations for the Significant Letters project include the anthologies Chloe Plus Olivia, Between Us, and The Mother Trip.

Jordan Grantis Harrington graduated cum laude from Michigan State University with a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy. He was a featured writer for Zengers newsmagazine in San Diego and since 2004 has self-published several books in the niche market of natural health. His best-selling self-published title has sold 40,000 copies. In 2009, he was an invited speaker at the Instock Conference for Self-Publishers, and in 2011, he presented a workshop on self-publishing at the Gender Odyssey conference and released his newest book, Self-Publishing Revolution.


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