Regal Crest Enterprises, LLC specializes in publishing books of interest to lesbian and gay readers. We tend to focus on popular fiction, but we have also published short stories, essays, and anthologies and we also have a non-fiction imprint.

In order to give your work the best chance at acceptance, please read all of the information offered here including  on our site regarding SubmissionsHelpful Hints, and If Your Manuscript is Accepted.

Regal Crest cannot accept manuscripts that are not complete. Please revise, proofread, and format your manuscript before sending it to us. If you are submitting simultaneously to multiple publishers, you must inform us. Please note that Regal Crest prides itself on turning around your manuscript quickly. We rarely take more than eight weeks and often manage to review and evaluate works in less than four weeks, so we will not leave you hanging.

“Alternative” (lesbian and gay) novels with plots of action, adventure, drama, mystery, thriller, and romance, or romance coupled with sub-plots of action, adventure, mystery, thriller, drama, fantasy, or light science fiction.

We are looking for novel-length stories with a minimum 60,000 words and a maximum of 120,000 words. Longer works will either need to be edited down in size or split into multiple volumes. We publish a number of “serial” stories, so this does not preclude long, involved works.

The kind of stories we publish have flesh and blood characters in settings that don’t necessarily have to be real but must come alive in the reader’s imagination. Our readers want to be entertained by plots that are original or have common story lines with enough twists to be uniquely memorable.

Regal Crest utilizes cutting-edge technology, and relies on electronic submissions and editing manuscripts via e-mail. Do not submit paper copies of anything. Please send the entire manuscript attached to an e-mail tosubmissions(at) Your email will serve as your cover letter and must include:

  • Book title and word count
  • Your name and pen name (if any)
  • Address and phone number
  • E-mail address
  • Name and version of the word processing program used in the attached file

You are not required to include anything further, but you are welcome to send a plot summary, your biography, and any other information that you think will help us evaluate your book.

What you can expect after submission
After submitting your book, you can expect a response from the Submissions Team thanking you and giving a general estimate of how long you can expect to wait for a response. If the Submissions Team likes the manuscript, they will forward it to the publisher for consideration, and you will be contacted if a contract is going to be offered.

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