Black Sexualities Studies Reader (Antiquity to 2013)

Editors: Drs. L. H. Stallings and H. Sharif Williams

Publisher: Vintage Entity Press

Anticipated Date of Publication: August 2015

Proposal Submissions Deadline: August 1, 2012

Black Sexualities Studies is an emergent field but one that has faced tremendous obstacles to its advancement. Within Black/Africana Studies, the politics of respectability has discouraged many scholars from engaging black sexuality critically and seriously—relying on narrow definitions of blackness and authenticity and limiting formations of nationalism and essentialism. Outside of Black/Africana Studies, researchers who have studied black sexualities have tended to study them within the context of pathology (e.g., teen pregnancy) and disease (e.g., HIV/AIDS). The field has also suffered from an overreliance on psychology and quantitative sociology. While these challenges have stilted certain discourses in Black Sexualities Studies, other factors, such as the development of Black Feminist Thought and Black Queer Theory, have encouraged and advanced its development.

Anthologies and compilations have traditionally had significant effects on the development of fields of study. They have helped to organize and orient thought in a particular field. They suggest borders and boundaries. The Black Sexualities Studies Reader will be a groundbreaking teaching text and web-based resource, providing specialized knowledge and innovative pedagogical tools while performing a work to solidify the rich legacies of black history and culture. Our project seeks an interdisciplinary approach to Black Sexualities Studies—including work by various sources of black sexualities discourse. We will draw from the humanities, cultural studies, and social sciences. Our editorial decisions will be informed by the various discourses and tensions that have contributed to the field.

We seek text-based, visual, and audio submissions that were previously published or unpublished in any discipline from anywhere in the world by people of African descent. While the project will be mainly in English, we welcome previously published work in languages other than English. We seek work in all genres and forms including: critical and scholarly essays, creative writing, artistic work, experimental forms, interviews, etc. The Black Sexualities Studies Reader will be produced in two forms: a book and digital archive. Both forms will include historical and archival material in addition to submitted work selected by the editors in conversation with an international advisory board.

Send proposal submissions/queries to:


L. H. Stallings, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Gender Studies at Indiana University— Bloomington

H. Sharif Williams, Ph.D., M.Ed.

Executive Director of The Center for Culture, Sexuality, and Spirituality (

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One Response to “CALL FOR PROPOSALS – Black Sexualities Studies Reader (Antiquity to 2013)”

  1. Marlene Ellis 2 February 2012 at 10:46 AM #

    Fantastic. I will make a submission if it’s not too late.

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