If you’re a poet or fiction/non-fiction writer, you might be interested in submitting to American Athenaeum. We’re gearing up for submissions to our second issue, The Understanders, slated for a winter release. (Soft deadline of Dec 1. Submissions roll for next issue.)

American Athenaeum is a cultural magazine that features fiction, poetry, essays, author book reviews, and more. Each journal explores the world of words like a museum, by offering a view of the past, right up to the present. We consider this journal to be a museum of artistic endeavors, filled with cultural appreciation and stories that not only teach, but demonstrate the frailty of the human condition.

Currently accepting a variety of poetry, fiction, and essays. We’re open to genre fiction (sci-fi, magical realism, fantasy, young adult, etc.) We also have a few unique columns, like, “America Talks,” which is basically a mouthpiece for your opinion. Tell us what’s going on in your patch of the world. We’re always seeking authors who are willing to “adopt” one of the many endangered species in the world, and write about it. We’re also accepting “author” book reviews, first person essays about your own book. See website for further details.

Writers not familiar with our press can look at our collection, The Last Man Anthology: Tales of Catastrophy, Disaster, and Woe, a tribute to Mary Shelly, that features Ray Bradbury, C. J. Cherry, Barry Malzberg, and an array of international talent.

*Our first issue of American Athenaeum, called Colossus, will be out for the fall. Stay tuned, or stop by to reserve a copy.

For guidelines: http://www.swordandsagapress.com/Submit.php
Sword & Saga Press: http://www.swordandsagapress.com/
Last Man Anthology: http://www.amazon.com/Last-Man-Anthology-Catastrophe-Disaster/dp/0615385052

Hunter Liguore
Editor in Chief


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