Femme Dreamboat is a zine edited by three Jersey femmes to centralize femme experiences in LGBT/queer culture. We strive to create spaces for femmes to create accurate representations of our lives, looks, relationships, and bodies.

We at Femme Dreamboat are dedicated to radical inclusivity and want the project to speak openly and accountability on issues of race, gender, class, disability, transmisogyny, documentation status, ageism, cissexism, fatphobia, and all systems of power, privilege, and oppression. We encourage femmes who are willing and able to engage with this framing to submit work.

The theme of our third issue is “Femmes Call-Out! Call-Outs” in all directions. Are you a femme who wants to call out femmephobia in your community? Submit! A femme who thinks racism is super present in femme organizing? Submit! A disabled/sick femme who thinks that current emphasis in femme aesthetic is limiting and ableist? Well us too! Submit! Let’s engage with the communities we live and love in and make them listen. Let’s listen to the inconvenient truths we have for one another. Let’s tell each other about themselves and make this community stronger!

We are currently seeking submissions from femme identified folks of up to 1000 words. Submissions can use the following formats/topics:

-personal narratives
-photos and artwork

Please send your submissions for consideration to femmedreamboatzine@gmail. com. Deadline for submissions is August 15th, 2013.

Much femme love!
Femme Dreamboat

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