Deadline is August 15. I’m currently seeking submissions for a new literary anthology about queer Chicago, for a major university press.  I’m actively soliciting short fiction and novel excerpts (self-contained), poetry, creative non-fiction and personal essay, performance texts, monologues and scripts. All submissions must be text-based. This will be a print anthology. Unfortunately, photography, visual art, and graphic narrative will not be accepted.

I am interested in receiving traditional narratives, as well as experimental and avant-garde forms. All submissions must be firmly rooted in the Chicago landscape and culture, and I am seeking to represent the widest possible range of queer creative expression and identity: cultural identity, gender identity, class identity, etc.

Submission guidelines:
(Note: failure to follow these guidelines will result in the submission being returned unread).

Send submissions as a MS Word attachment (no zip files, no pdfs), standard 12 pt font, double-spaced (spacing exception may be made for poetry when it is necessary for form). 3500 words maximum for prose. Up to three poems may be submitted (submissions with more than three poems will be returned – pick your best three for this project).

Be sure each attach document includes your name, your contact e-mail and phone number, the title or titles of the work, and, for prose pieces, an accurate word count. You may include a short bio in your e-mail.

Payment is in contributor’s copies.

Deadline is August 15. E-mail submissions to

A caveat: In many cases, literary collections begin to take their own organic shape based on the submissions that come in. Often times, even high-quality work will ultimately not fit or feel right within the movement as a whole. I will only be accepting approximately 25 pieces for the final anthology. If your work is not accepted, please realize that my decisions may not reflect the quality of the work itself, but rather the choreography of the work as a whole. Good luck!


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