Submissions are sought for a new anthology on trans people and the Internet. The working title at this time is Trans_ : An Anthology of Trans People and the Internet.

Editors: Mitch Kellaway, nina malaya, Harlan Kellaway
Proposal Deadline: August 1st, 2014
Final Submission Deadline: January 1st, 2015


Trans_ is the first anthology to collect the voices and experiences of trans people speaking to how the Internet has impacted our lives and how we have impacted the Internet. We wish to capture a range of pieces from those who use, cannot use, work with, develop for, socialize on, and build community with the Internet.

Submissions are open to all trans writers, whether this is your first time submitting or you’re a published author–we will work with a range of experience. Submissions should be both by trans, transfeminine, transmasculine, non-binary, genderqueer-identified, and/or folks who otherwise identify with a spectrum of gender nonconformity and address experiences of these communities (i.e. We will not consider writing by non-trans people nor writing about the Internet by a trans person that doesn’t directly address trans or nonbinary folks).

Please send us a 150 word proposal about your intended contribution (or the full piece if previously published) to by August 1st, 2014. Submissions should be copied and pasted into the body of the email (i.e. not in an attached document).

We will consider proposals for non-fiction essays, both creative/personal and analytical, as well as relevant blog posts. Reprints are acceptable if you have the permissions for them. Submitters will be contacted within 4 weeks following the submission deadline. If your proposal is accepted, your final submission should be 500-2500 words. We will require a 50-75 word bio; pseudonyms welcome. Final essays for accepted proposals will be due January 1, 2015.

All contributors will receive a copy of the anthology and an honorarium (amount to be determined during fundraising efforts).


Activism & Community

* Internet-based community building
* Internet-based activism
* Internet & family-building
* Third Wave & Transfeminism related to the Internet
* Crowdsourcing
* Fundraising on the Internet
* the ‘DIY’ movement & the Internet
* Tech events for trans people


* The Internet informing your (understanding of) intersecting identities (including race, class, sexuality, citizenship status, ability, age, and others)
* Engaging in tech as a trans person with intersectional identities
* “Geek” identity/culture
* Identifications developed (at least partly) on the Internet (e.g. “trans*”)
* Digital storytelling / autobiographizing with Internet-based mediums
* Online personas / avatars

Generational Experiences

* Transitioning before the advent of the commercial Internet (1995)
* Transitioning in the early days of the Internet (late 1990s)
* Transitioning in a world where the Internet always existed
* Considering the next generation of trans folks & their relation to the Internet
* Online interactions between multiple generations of trans folks

Internet Access

* Non-Western and transnational interactions with the Internet
* Non-urban interactions with the Internet
* Low/no Internet access
* Differently-abled access to the Internet
* The mobile Internet (e.g. cell-phones, tablets, etc.)

Internet Technology & Social Media

* Apps (e.g. apps made for trans people, dating apps, etc.)
* “Big data”
* Blogging
* Online Entrepreneurship
* Online Gaming
* Programming
* Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, etc.)
* Transition V-Logs (e.g. YouTube)

The list of topics is potentially endless, and your essay can include anything relevant not addressed in these prompts.

We believe that it is important for trans people to tell the experiences of their own lives. As a group who work in editing and tech, this is our contribution to better understanding and sharing among our community about a medium that has impacted us all.

To learn more, visit:


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