Kalyani Magazine is a community focused around a semi-annual literary publication featuring diverse writing styles from women of color. Each issue explores one theme, word, or concept that impacts women in diverse ways.  We specifically welcome submissions from previously unpublished authors. Our goal is to be an accessible literary magazine which encourages all women of color to view themselves as writers, readers, and supports each other on this path.

Kalyani takes very seriously giving opportunities to ALL writers, and therefore we are very serious about assessing all submissions blindly. Whether you are submitting a same, revised, piece again, or know someone in the Kalyani team, or are a brand new writer, your piece will be reviewed on the same page as everyone else’s! For this reason, it’s very important you follow the submission guidelines.

Types of pieces:

  • A variety of literary styles that all speak to one theme in diverse ways (“How I Got Over…” is this issue’s)
  • Poetry, prose, lyrical prose, scripts, essays, experimental, flash fiction, investigative reporting, fiction, non-fiction, memoir, cross-genre
  • Artwork is accepted if it will stand as well in a printed black and white magazine

Submission guidelines:

  • Up to 1500 words
  • Limit 1 submission per person or multiple poems to a maximum of 1500 words
  • You must have full publishing rights for your piece
  • Already published pieces are accepted as long as you retain rights, and indicate the original publication in your submission
  • You will continue to have full rights after it is published and may continue to publish it elsewhere, but please note this publication in future publications. We also request you do not publish it as freely available elsewhere (eg on a blog) for one year after the magazine launches
  • Simultaneous submissions are accepted

How to submit:

  • Please submit via Submittablehttps://kalyanimagazine.submittable.com/submit
  • We would really appreciate if you submit with a $5 donation, which is the top option, but we will be blind to your option when reviewing
  • We will not respond to any submissions until after the deadline has closed

Issue #3:

  • Submissions are accepted until July 31, 2013.
  • The theme is “How I Got Over”


  • At this point payment is a free copy of the magazine.  Hopefully in the future we will be at a point to give payment as that is a priority.


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