Our goal is to put together a book, filled with stories from writers who want to tell their accounts of the fight for equal rights. This collection of personal stories will then be sent to a selective list of prominent public figures who are opposed to equal rights for the LGBT community, in the hope of changing even just one persons mind.

What we are looking for:
– Around 2,000 words
– Stories that relate to the struggle for equal rights
– Authors must be willing to sit down for a video interview if their story is selected. -Authors must be willing to write notes or take phone calls from donors who contribute larger amounts.

Payment for Contributors:
– Authors who are chosen to be featured on the project WILL BE PAID, at the very minimum $100. BUT, that hinges on the funding for this project coming through. So we ask that anyone who submits a story understands that their payment will be deferred. If we do not reach our funding goal then nobody gets paid, and if we go over each writer will of course get paid more money.

To Submit:
Email us your name, a short bio and a couple of lines on what your story is about. justonebookproject@gmail.com
– Don’t forget to include your contact info.

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One Response to “Call For Submissions: The Just One Book Project”

  1. B.L.Fowler 27 April 2012 at 10:53 AM #

    Defending equality rights for homosexuals against religious zealots with deep pockets hasn’t been easy. I’ve faced rejection from friends and family; I’ve been harassed, ostracized and even followed. Still, I remain committed in my quest to educate people about why homosexuals deserve equality rights, in my new book titled Why Homosexuals Deserve Equality Rights, which can be found at https://createspace.com/3777139

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