Ms. Fit Magazine, an inclusive, body-positive, queer-friendly feminist health and fitness magazine is seeking story pitches on the following themes:

Summer/Fall theme:  Stretch!

Pitch deadline: May 24, 2014

For our summer stretch issue, Ms. Fit Mag is looking for stories about physical, mental, and emotional stretching: stretching budgets; stretching boundaries; moving outside of comfort zones; stretching definitions about gender and sexuality, health, fitness, and wellness; stretching for physical fitness; learning to forgive, being stretched too thin; taking risks; growing, learning and challenging assumptions and privilege; and…? All viewed through a feminist health, fitness, and wellness lens.

Fall/Winter theme: The Recovery Issue

Pitch deadline: August 16, 2014

Possible subjects: sports and fitness recovery; recovery from injury or illness; recovery strategies; recovering from violence or abuse; self-harm behaviors and recovery; looking forward and moving on; reclaiming; becoming healthy and well; restoration; rediscovering; feminist parenting and recovery; relationships and recovery; sports, fitness, wellness and recovery; forgiving others and yourself; acceptance, and…? All viewed through a feminist health, fitness, and wellness lens.

Special Supplement: The Queer Health Issue

Pitch deadline: September 30, 2014

We are also actively soliciting pitches for a special January ’15 Queer Health supplement. Possible subjects: medicine and queer health; illness and queer health; queer fitness; transgender health issues; queer parenting; LGBTQ emotional and mental health; family issues and queer health; relationships with doctors and hospitals; being queer at the gym; LGBTQ history and health; queer profiles in health, sports, and fitness; queer sexuality and sexual health; lesbian health and wellness; LGBTQ relationships and health and fitness habits, and… All viewed through a feminist and queer-positive health, fitness and wellness lens.

See full submission guidelines here.

Send your story ideas to; subject line: pitch + name of theme.



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