Age is something we do, not something we are, yet our culture, including LGBT culture, has a way of decreasing our presence, ignoring our images, and lowering the volume on our voices until we are little more than whispers.

Outer Voices/Inner Lives does not avoid our lives and intends to show us fully present, creative, dynamic and vibrant. To be published in early 2015, Outer Voices will showcase LGBT writers over 50. Editors Mark McNease (Editor, and Stephen Dolainski (Editor, will cull the best of submissions to reflect the strength of our voices and immediacy of our lives.

What We’re Looking for: Short fiction (5,000 words max), especially stories that center on older characters. Non-fiction in the form of essays, non-traditional narratives, reflections, and a cri de coeur or two.

What We’re Not Looking for: Poetry or erotic fiction.

Outer Voices/Inner Lives will be published in both print and E-book formats under the MadeMark imprint through CreateSpace.

Writers retain complete control and rights to their stories or pieces. Writers whose work is selected will receive 3 free copies of the printed edition; additional copies will be available at cost plus shipping.

Submission Deadline: August 15, 2014

Submit to: It will take two to three weeks for us to review each submission before we can get back to you.


One Response to “Call for Submissions: Outer Voices/Inner Lives”

  1. Lynne Edwards 20 March 2014 at 8:22 AM #

    Would you accept a short story-a personal memoir of the aging process?

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