An anthology co-edited by Lucie Barât—founder of the publishing house, social network and international non-profit Little Episodes, an organization based in Brighton, UK—and author Clint Catalyst.

Barât describes the compendium as “a celebration of queer literature: loves gained, loves lost, loves shared, coming out, staying out, and how the world looks from a queer eye.”

As for Catalyst, the cultural, political and discursive context within which an individual assigns both meaning to—and ownership of—the word ‘queer’ is of particular interest.

What does it mean to be queer? What differentiates it from being lesbian or gay?  Isn’t it “just a matter of semantics”?

Sure thing. And that tsunami headed towards us? “Just a wave.”

When we claim language, we claim our identity. When we claim our identity, we establish our dignity. Dignity necessitates perspective; i.e., the aforementioned view — yet how the world looks to us is as salient a topic as how the world looks at us.

Still curious about the Q Word? Please visit


for a list of references, quotations, and links.

As for the anthology,


Original poetry, fiction, non-fiction, visual art and photography.

Fiction with characters who exemplify the notion of what it is to be queer through their thoughts and actions.

Rants from individuals who repudiate classification as “gay,” as well as opinions of those who consider themselves “different from The Different”—or, to reference a catch-phrase from the blogosphere: “not queer enough.”

Non-fiction essays that address topics such as: nuances of sexual orientation and the importance of naming things, the role of the outsider, the relevance of terminology in relation to identity, the social and political implications of gender, ellipses.


Writing that articulates ways in which your politics and way of life don’t fit the mainstream model;

Creative works* by which we’re shown instead of told.

*(includes visual art and photography)


Because guess what, babe? No matter how much you bitch and moan about hating labels, they’re not. Going. Anywhere. Matter of fact, from music genres and sub-genres to medical terminology, more nomenclature exists each year—not less.


By or before 11:59 p.m. (Pacific Standard Time) March 31, 2012







Contact submissions@littleepisodes.org



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