“The Infection Monologues” was created by Eric Rofes and written by Eric Rofes and Alex Garner. The script is loosely adapted from surveys and interviews with gay men who have tested HIV positive since 2000. The project focuses on a series of monologues by HIV positive characters. These characters are composites drawn from research and represent one portion of the HIV experience, highlighting the broad diversity of gay men who test positive today. This experimental performance piece breaks new ground on the way we understand new HIV infections among gay men, risk-taking, HIV stigma and the contemporary experience of living with HIV.

The performances are based on the lived experience of gay men and are told with honesty and humor.

The Infection Monologues is looking for an experienced writer to contribute to this established stage piece which seeks to integrate the perspective of an L.A. area writer. The director, Alex Garner, is looking for a writer who is Latino and who can speak to the unique experiences of living with HIV. Ideally the candidate would be HIV positive, having seroconverted in the past 5 to 10 years. Mr. Garner is hoping to find someone who can create a character who can address some of the many complex issues associated with HIV such as stigma/shame, risk, disclosure, family, dating and sex. This project is funny and thought provoking. A good sense of humor and a strong point of view are essential. For more information, contact Alex Garner at garneraw@aol.com.

Two staged performances of The Infection Monologues will be co-sponsored by The Wall — Las Memorias Project and Lambda Literary Foundation on June 4 & 5, 2011 at the Renberg Theater in Los Angeles. More details about the performances will be forthcoming soon.

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