Deadline:  June 1,  2012
Poetry will always be the centerpiece and foundation of  Sibling Rivalry Press. We will publish multiple chapbooks and/or full-length collections of poetry each year. What we like: LGBT-themed poetry, feminist poetry, narrative poetry, experimental poetry, shocking poetry, political poetry, erotic poetry, prose poetry, poetry paired with art or photography, poetry you wouldn’t want your grandmother to read, poetry rejected by other presses because the poems have been published on a blog, and poetry rejected by other presses because those other presses aren’t as cool as us.

We are open for poetry manuscript submissions of any length from March 1, 2012, through June 1, 2012.


1. Purchase a Sibling Rivalry Press title directly from the SRP Online Store. Why? Many presses and publishing contests charge reading fees or entry fees. We’d rather give you some bang for your buck. Any SRP publication qualifies, and our titles start at .99, so this requirement won’t break the bank. You’ll get to see how we operate. You’ll see the type of material we publish. You’ll get to know one of our authors. And primarily, you’ll contribute to the family you hope to join.

2. In lieu of a cover letter, answer the following questions in the body of your submission email to SRP:

  • You’ve joined the ranks of the Great Dead Poets. Someone many years from now picks up your manuscript and reads one poem – long, long after you’re gone. What poem do you hope they read and why?
  • Are you our friend on Facebook?
  • What title did you purchase to accompany your manuscript submission and why? (It was the cheapest is an acceptable answer.)
  • Your manuscript has been made into a movie. What song plays during the closing credits?

3. Email a .pdf of your manuscript to [email protected] with the subject line “Poetry Manuscript Submission” and your name (“Poetry Manuscript Submission Saeed Jones,” for example). The title page of your manuscript should include your name and contact information. There are no length requirements – on the short end or the long end. We’re open to chapbooks and full-length collections. It’s cool if you have an MFA, but an academic background or even a history of being published is not required. It’s fine to include pieces that have been previously published, of course, so long as you retain the rights to the work.

That’s it.

Can you submit multiple manuscripts? Yes – but please follow the submission guidelines for each submission.

How we’ll do it this year… It’s a Family Thing. At the close of our submission period, all submitted manuscripts will be randomly divided between previously-published SRP authors. Our authors will read their assigned manuscripts, select their top two (through whatever means, methods and terms they define), and then each author’s top two will be sent to the SRP authors as a group. SRP authors will then vote for the two manuscripts which, in their opinion, would be the best fit with SRP. The two manuscripts receiving the highest number of votes from SRP authors will be published by Sibling Rivalry Press in March of 2014.

As always, if you are selected for publication by Sibling Rivalry Press, you will be offered a contract to review which details press responsibilities, author responsibilities, and an outline of royalty terms (no advances at this time – you get 30% of the profits, which we believe is a competitive royalty rate). Upon both parties entering into the contract, your manuscript will be inserted into our production schedule, and you will know a date of publication up front, along with dates of royalty payments. You will be provided contact information of the publisher and are free to contact Sibling Rivalry Press at any time. We guarantee prompt response to our authors. You will never be left in the dark. Sibling Rivalry Press was founded on professionalism and respect. You know what you get with us, and if you publish with SRP, you don’t become part of the team – you become part of the family.


For inquiries: [email protected]

For submissions: [email protected]


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