Erato GLBT is proud to announce our first ever fiction contest! Open to all GLBT fiction, the Orpheus Fiction Contest gives all writers a chance to skip the slush pile and go for the grand prize of a two book deal with Musa Publishing!

At Musa, we believe in finding the best stories, no matter where they might come from. And in that spirit, the Orpheus Fiction Contest is open to all genres; speculative fiction, romance, YA, literary and more. This contest is for our GLBT imprint, so your main character(s) must be somewhere in the spectrum, but other than that, show us what you’ve got!

What makes the Orpheus Fiction Contest different from other contests is that you, our readers, writers, and friends get to pick which manuscripts the judges will read. Here’s how it works:


• First Round – Queries
• Second Round – First three chapters or 50 pages
• Final Round – Full MS

Contest Dates:

• Contest to be announced: February 6, 2012
• Open for Entries: March 1-8, 2012
• First Round Voting: March 12-19, 2012
• Second Round Judging: March 22-29, 2012
• Final Round Judging: April 2-10, 2012
• Winners announced: April 16, 2012


• First place – a two book deal with Musa
• Second place – a one book deal with Musa
• Third place – full critique by Musa Editorial Director
• Honorable Mentions – first chapter critique and $10 Musa gift card

For the complete rules and procedures, please visit our blog:


3 Responses to “Erato GLBT: Orpheus Fiction Contest”

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  2. 11 March 2012 at 9:14 PM #

    The entry period has been extended. Details here:

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