Transcendent is seeking short, speculative fiction published in 2015 that features transgender characters, including but not limited to those who identify as genderqueer, transfeminine, transmasculine, non-binary, two-spirit, FTM, MTF, agender, intersex, bigender, genderfluid, third gender, and others, with a special note that there is no one way to be transgender with regards to medical, social, and personal transition status.

Similarly, we acknowledge, affirm, and welcome transgender characters of all ages, races and ethnicities, sexual orientations, physical and mental capabilities, socio-economic statuses, and geographic locations.

Speculative fiction will also be interpreted liberally to encompass the full spectrum of the genre, including the fantastical, the strange, the horrific, the weird, and everything in between. The moral of the story: if you think transgender speculative fiction applies to your story, please send it. And if you’re unsure, send it anyway! We welcome and encourage authors of oppressed and/or marginalized identities to submit. Authors need not identify as as transgender.

Payment will range from $25 to $100 depending on the word length of the story. Contributors will also receive one free copy of the book in library binding.

The editor of the book is K.M. Szpara. Please consult this site regarding the proper formatting of submission manuscripts. Please send all submissions as well as any questions to

We recommend a brief cover letter introducing yourself and stating where the story was originally published. The reading period ends the last day of March; the book releases 3-4 months later.

K.M. Szpara lives in Baltimore, MD, with a black cat and miniature poodle. He has a Master of Theological Studies from Harvard Divinity School, which he totally uses at his day job as a legal secretary. On nights and weekends, he advances his queer agenda at the local LGBT Community Center and writes speculative fiction novels. His short fiction appears in Lightspeed, Shimmer, and Glittership. He is also a graduate of the Viable Paradise writers’ workshop. You can find him on Twitter @KMSzpara.

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