Too Obscene is a one issue zine published through Nostrovia! Poetry, a small press dedicated towards promoting poets and writers through blogs, anthologies, zines, articles, and various other publishing medians. Nostrovia! Poetry.

Too Obscene is a home for poems and pieces of flash fiction that have been rejected by other publishers on the basis that the work was “too obscene”. If you’re work is obscene without literary merit though, I can say right off the bat, that you won’t gain publication. We don’t want senseless swearing and profanity. We want poetry and writing with purpose.

This publication was inspired by the trails centering around the poem “Howl” by Allen Ginsberg. His work was scrutinized by the court, and people were called to the stand to justify the poem’s literary merit, and if it was “too obscene” for publication.

Too Obscene does accept poems that have not been rejected by other publishers on the premise of being Too Obscene, though this is the focus. Nostrovia! Poetry wants a diversity of writing in its publications, and we’re willing to read what you have to offer. All submissions will be personally responded to. Feel free to ask for constructive criticism.

Please click here to learn how to submit your work and for specific submission guidelines.

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