To readers, writers, publishers, book lovers everywhere–welcome to Lambda Literary Foundation’s brand new website! Not revised, not updated, but completely recreated, dynamic and cutting edge in its ambition and scope: our entire LGBT publishing world. We intend to be your link to everything that is LGBT publishing, the latest news and views and information, book reviews, history, interviews, articles and twitters and blogs– your richest resource in providing you with information and links to the present, past, and future of our books.

The Board of Trustees of Lambda Literary Foundation is grateful to all the donors who helped make this venture possible. We are especially grateful to the astonishingly productive and tireless team that contributed countless hours to bring all this together and make it happen. Our new Executive Director, Tony Valenzuela. Our new Web Manager, Antonio Gonzalez. Designer Karina Meléndez who contributed her considerable creative energies and her time to us as a labor of love. Most especially to Board Member Nicola Griffith who spearheaded on the Board’s behalf this great new leap for the Foundation. We are enormously grateful to our Lammy-winning writer and colleague for her role in selecting and assembling the team, and her huge contribution of time and energy to bring us a whole new face for Lambda Literary Foundation as we forge a new decade of history for our literature.

Welcome to the new LLF!

Katherine V. Forrest
Board of Trustees
Lambda Literary Foundation