November 24, 2014

In Conversation with the Violet Quill: Andrew Holleran, Felice Picano, and Edmund White

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In November 1980, New York’s SoHo Weekly News tagged a cover story Fag Lit’s New Royalty, referring to Andrew Holleran, Felice Picano, and Edmund White, alive today, and Christopher Cox, Michael Grumley, Robert Ferro, and George Whitmore, who have died. Since the publication of that story, which was subtitled A Moveable Brunch – A Fag Lit Mafia, they have brought out the best in admirers and the worst in detractors. (more…)

Edmund White: Invention, Imagination, and Memory

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“…gays only make up about 3% of the population so we spend our whole lives ‘translating’ straight movies, books, ballets into gay terms and studying the heterosexuals around us—we know much more about them than they know about us, just as blacks know a lot about whites but whites know virtually nothing about blacks.”

At a recent reading by Edmund White from his current novel Jack Holmes & His Friend (Bloomsbury) at Philadelphia’s Giovanni’s Room, the country’s oldest gay and lesbian bookstore, the audience leaned toward older gay men sprinkled with curious younger readers. A few days earlier the fiercely productive White had described the novel as “my most popular novel so far when he talked with writer Frank Pizzoli about some general literary themes and some specific criticisms of his work. Pizzoli last interviewed White for LLR in March 2007.[i] White’s Sacred Monsters (Magnus Books), more than 20 essays collected in book form, was also recently released. Currently, he’s working on another manuscript about his years in Paris.

Often steeped in controversy, White remains unabridged. (more…)

Literary Mixtape: ‘Dancer from the Dance’–Malone’s Imaginary Disco Set

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The folks at Flavorwire have an ingenious recurring column in which they create musical mixtapes for assorted literary characters. Each inspired post is dedicated to one literary character and provides a playlist of music they might have listened to. An exercise like this is catnip for a queer book geek. The column got me thinking, “What music would fill the lives of some of my favorite LGBTQ characters? What music would Myra Breckenridge listen to before teaching an acting class or what song would Celie, from the Color Purple, be humming at her pant’s shop?”  (more…)

‘True Stories: Portraits from My Past’ by Felice Picano

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It’s easy to forget that there once was a time when there was no gay literature, and when the act of writing a serious gay story was considered a useless endeavor because there was nobody around to publish it. In the 1970s, even avant garde trade paperback publishers rejected manuscripts with (non-pornographic) homosexual themes. (more…)

Feinberg, Holleran, Picano & White to be honored with 2009 Pioneer Awards

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April 7, 2009—The Lambda Literary Foundation has named Leslie Feinberg, Andrew Holleran, Felice Picano, and Edmund White as this year’s recipients of its Pioneer Award, to be presented at the Lambda Literary Awards Ceremony on May 28, 2009 in New York City.

The Lambda Literary Foundation bestows its Pioneer Award on those individuals who have broken new ground in the field of LGBT literature and publishing. Established in 1995, the Award honors those who, through their achievements and passionate commitment, have contributed to the LGBT literary community in significant and tangible ways: through works of literature, or by establishing publishing houses, publications, archives, bookstores, or other institutions.