The Science of Writing a Successful Novel, The Portlandia Activity Book, and other LGBT News

In The News The Science of Writing a Hit Book Over at the A.V. Club, writer Jason Heller unpacks the implications of a recent Stony Brook University study that reveals the “mathematics” behind writing a successful book. On January 8, Inside Science reported that computer scientists at Stony Brook University had designed an algorithm allowing them to determine… read more

'Sacred Monsters' by Edmund White

The essays are generally filled with fascinating gossipy details and remarkable asides. They reflect White’s masterful ability to effectively pull ideas out of novels, stories, and art, while simultaneously showcasing a personalized purview of his own life and passions…. read more

John Waters: Roles of a Lifetime

“I am neurotic. But at the same time, I’m quite happy being neurotic. I think you must figure out a way, as Freud said, to turn hysterical misery into common unhappiness.” John Waters is primarily known as a filmmaker (e.g, Pink Flamingos, Female Trouble, Hairspray), but he has also been an exhibited fine artist since the early… read more