A Look at Bisexuality in Science Fiction

“[…] I was drawn to science fiction because while I didn’t see space for myself to exist in contemporary stories, I could imagine a world that included people like me only by imagining other worlds.”… read more

Sarah A.O. Rosner: Creating a New Queer Universe

“Many people are put off by science fiction as a genre (and getting people into this work despite their assumed aversion to it is one of the challenges we’ve been facing) but to me, there’s nothing more eerily sci-fi and dystopic than our current cultural and political climate.”… read more

‘The Pyramid Waltz’ by Barbara Ann Wright

Demons come in varying forms and perhaps not all demons are equally evil. In The Pyramid Waltz, the kingdom of Farraday holds secrets traditionally known only to the royal family. Every five years, the king holds a ball, during which the royals engage in a dance called the pyramid waltz. If only the subjects of… read more

'Adaptation' by Malindo Lo

If you had nightmares as a child, or still do as an adult, after watching Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds, then I recommend that you never pick up this novel. Because this fast-paced young adult story begins with birds hurling themselves into airplanes that then drop out of the sky, both the birds and the planes…. read more

Becoming Barbara Streisand

Lambda Award-winning author William J. Mann discusses his recently released biography Hello, Gorgeous—“the electrifying story of how Barbara Streisand transformed herself into the greatest star of her era”—with Out Magazine. From Out: Mann, who has written definitive books about other LGBT icons including Katharine Hepburn and William Haines, secured access to previously-sealed private collections and… read more

Tom Cardamone: The New Weird

Tom Cardamone’s newest work of fiction, Green Thumb, is described by Publisher’s Weekly as an “imaginative post-apocalyptic novella with New Weird sensibilities.” It may be slim in size, but this novella is surely a grand, grand tale. Mr. Cardamone chatted with Lambda and revealed more about Green Thumb, his love of music, Mad Max movies, and more…… read more

Is There, or Should There Be, Such a Thing as 'Trans Lit'?

There’s a problem right away. If someone like Gore Vidal or Jeffrey Eugenides writes a book about a trans person it is hailed as brilliantly edgy, but if a trans person does the same thing it is likely to be rejected as the work of a self-obsessed weirdo…. read more

Interview: Elizabeth Bear

I’ve never really thought about lesbianism having a special role in my fiction. Lesbians are people; my books are about people; therefore, there are likely to be lesbians in my books. (Sometimes these people are nonhuman, which is a different complex of problems, but that’s not germane to the point of the question.) I’m deeply suspicious of identity politics, having grown up in a radically separatist household and experienced it as a toxic paradigm…. read more