GunnShots: Fall 2010

As of mid-September, I have read 68 gay and M/M crime novels that appeared in print in 2010. Given the popularity of the “George Eliot strategy” and bogus biographies, I cannot be certain, but 28 of them seem to have been written by men and 40 by women. I would classify 33 as M/M romances using… read more

'All of Me (Can You Take All of Me?)' by Dirk Vanden

Part mystery, part “fictionalized autobiography,” part fulmination against Mormons, part reinterpretation of Jesus’s mission as gay, this novel was for me above all a nostalgic revisit to an important stage in my own sexual development. Dirk Vanden was one of the heroes, the pioneers of the gay pulp movement. Between 1969 and 1971, he published… read more