‘King of Angels’ by Perry Brass

There is much to be admired and enjoyed in Perry Brass’s latest novel but it’s slightly buried behind a misleading veneer. Brass often writes about spirituality and sexuality in his fiction. He has written a number of speculative fiction novels and even a time-travel novel about angels. The title, King of Angels (Belhue Press), has… read more

A Conversation with Charles Silverstein

On Thursday, January 5, Author Perry Brass will be talking with Charles Silverstein (co-author of the classic The Joy of Gay Sex) at the Barnes & Noble at 2289 Broadway at 82nd Street, New York at 7 PM, about his new book For the Ferryman (Chelsea Station Editions), a memoir about his intensely romantic, difficult, and extremely challenging relationship with William Bory, a… read more

Outwrite LGBT Book Fair Recap by Logan K. Young

Writer and man-about-town, Logan K. Young files a report on what he loved at this year’s inaugural Outwrite LGBT Book Fair. Unlike the rain that threatened, thankfully, the crowd was steady all day long. The inaugural OutWrite LGBT Book Fair , held on Saturday, August 6, 2011, in Washington, DC was stronger than many book… read more