'The End of the Homosexual?' by Dennis Altman

A pop culture re-telling of both American and Australian LGBT histories, Altman draws connections to and away from what makes the LGBT community in America and Australia different from each while engaging with the unique struggles each have faced. … read more

Twice Militant: Lorraine Hansberry

A Raisin in the Sun was not Lorraine Hansberry’s only work. She did write other things–many other things–including work that displayed the side of her few knew about when A Raisin in the Sun hit Broadway: Hansberry’s lesbian self…. read more

'Lake Thirteen' by Greg Herren

In less than five pages of Lake Thirteen (Soliloquy), Greg Herren yanks you into a tale of fear and love. Once started, I stayed and read to the finish this combination of teen romance and ghost story, unable to put it down. Of course, coming from the master of gay horror and mystery writing, this… read more

'The Laboratory of Love' by Patrick Roscoe

The Laboratory of Love, Patrick Roscoe’s first collection of fiction in over a decade, offers a series of stories that are as raw and as often terrifying as they are astonishingly calm in their exploration of the damaged lives his characters lead—lives that intersect, across these 33 stories in surprising, sometimes shocking, ways. His protagonists… read more

'Secret City' by Julia Watts

In the vast sea of YA novels, there used to be a dearth of stories for the LGBTQ community. Slowly but surely, though, new young authors are penning fiction that reflects a more authentic, diverse world. Julia Watts’ Secret City is an important addition to the genre…. read more