Nikky Finney: Heart, Truth, and Justice

Nikky Finney is an award-winning, southern-born poet, whose critically acclaimed work is imbued with a distinct sense of lyricism and recurring themes of both social justice and communal history.

She was recently awarded the 2011 National Book Award for her latest collection Head Off & Split. Finney took some time to talk with Lambda Literary Review about her now famous National Book Award speech, shoe shopping with Condoleezza Rice, and the dividing line between art and rhetoric.
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Christina Hutchins, Julie Enszer, and Stacey Waite

Three Lesbian Poetry Chap Books Considered For all its gains in past decades, queer literature has also suffered significant losses. In 2009, Oscar Wilde Bookshop—America’s first LGBT bookstore and a New York City landmark—closed its doors. After 41 years as a champion of gay and lesbian work, Oscar Wilde became another casualty of the stratospheric… read more

Interview: Judy Grahn

Poet, writer, and social theorist, Judy Grahn has been working in liberatory movements and communities her entire life. It may be impossible to overestimate the importance of her work to lesbian-feminism, the women’s print movement, and the movement to reclaim feminist spirituality. Her early poetry imagined a world of new possibilities for lesbians and her… read more