November 24, 2014

The Poem. The Poet. The People. Queer Women Poets On The Road: Revival 2012.

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“To revive means to bring something back.
Or maybe it’s just a reminder to remember.”

Poetry loved me first. From sixth grade, to high school, to undergrad, the word/s followed me. And it was in college I learned that a poet exists not without the poem, and the poem exists not without the people. I had me and I had the poem. But the people were few and far between. (more…)

LOVE the poet: Haven’t you heard?

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The Griot & Warrior

When Michelle Antoinette Nelson aka “LOVE the poet” spoke into the microphone—amidst a dense living room full of women gathered on the 3rd floor of a friend’s Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn apartment for The Revival—she owned that room. I knew I had to interview her. At 29, Nelson, who goes by the moniker LOVE the poet, both a noun and a command, has a bright literary future ahead. This month, LOVE is focused getting her “poetic memoir” Black Marks on White Paper into the shelves of major book stores (not an easy feat) before touring with the Punany Poets in February 2011 and then again with Jade Foster and The Revival in the spring.

Queer Poets embark on Salon-Inspired Spoken Word Concert Series

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This weekend three poets, LOVE the poet, Venus Thrash, and J. Pope kick off their week-long tour “The Revival” — a spoken word concert series that  brings together local poets, musicians, and performers for intimate salon-inspired gatherings.

Instead of traditional commercial performance spaces (bookstores, cafes, theaters), “The Revival” hopes to offer a salon experience by hosting the events at four private residences with catering by local chefs. Exact locations here.

According to press materials, guests will be welcomed by ‘ushers’ and enjoy a service hosted by Jade Foster.

Foster’s “Black Church Maraca” open mic series inspired this effort.