November 23, 2014

Edmund White: Invention, Imagination, and Memory

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“…gays only make up about 3% of the population so we spend our whole lives ‘translating’ straight movies, books, ballets into gay terms and studying the heterosexuals around us—we know much more about them than they know about us, just as blacks know a lot about whites but whites know virtually nothing about blacks.”

At a recent reading by Edmund White from his current novel Jack Holmes & His Friend (Bloomsbury) at Philadelphia’s Giovanni’s Room, the country’s oldest gay and lesbian bookstore, the audience leaned toward older gay men sprinkled with curious younger readers. A few days earlier the fiercely productive White had described the novel as “my most popular novel so far when he talked with writer Frank Pizzoli about some general literary themes and some specific criticisms of his work. Pizzoli last interviewed White for LLR in March 2007.[i] White’s Sacred Monsters (Magnus Books), more than 20 essays collected in book form, was also recently released. Currently, he’s working on another manuscript about his years in Paris.

Often steeped in controversy, White remains unabridged. (more…)

‘Jack Holmes and His Friend’ by Edmund White

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Jack Holmes and His Friend does not re-open Edmund White’s The Boy’s Own Story trilogy, nor, like Fanny (2003), does it venture into the genre of the historical novel. What Jack Holmes and His Friend does do is continue White’s long and distinguished use of semi-autobiography to produce fine literary fiction. Think here not only of the Boy’s Own Story trilogy, published from 1982 to 1997, but also of a Married Man, published in 2000. What’s more, Jack Holmes serves, along with Hotel de Dream: A New York Novel  (2007), as yet another indelible—another articulate and articulated—White homage to New York City—one that is very deeply, very personally concerned with history. (more…)

New in January: Edmund White, Radclyffe, Tabatha Coffey and Simon Doonan

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New Year! New Books! This month you can pick up new releases from Edmund White, Radclyffe, Simon Doonan and Nat Burns.

  • With Jack Holmes and His Friends (Bloomsbury), famed writer Edmund White releases his first work of  fiction in almost five years. The novel chronicles the turbulent friendship between two men, one gay and one straight, over the course of two decades. (more…)

In the News: Edmund White, Must Reads for the Summer, and Hip-Hop and the LGBT Community

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Edmund White is perhaps best known as one of the pioneers of gay literature, proving himself a role model when he publicly revealed his status as HIV positive 30 years ago. In this Examiner interview, White reveals the details of his latest book, Jack Holmes and His Friend, his view of himself as a gay cultural icon, current attitudes about AIDS, and more. (more…)