Mabel Dodge and the Literary Salon of Taos

Mabel Dodge courted writers and artists to spend time at her home; she desired not only to replicate but to exceed the efforts of her New York City salons. Emma Goldman, Alfred Stieglitz, Margaret Sanger, John Reed, Georgia O’Keefe, Willa Cather, Ansel Adams, Carl Jung, D.H. Lawrence, Frank Waters, Aldous Huxley are just some of her esteemed guests…. read more

Twice Militant: Lorraine Hansberry

A Raisin in the Sun was not Lorraine Hansberry’s only work. She did write other things–many other things–including work that displayed the side of her few knew about when A Raisin in the Sun hit Broadway: Hansberry’s lesbian self…. read more

'Divining Divas' ed. by Michael Montlack

One-hundred pages into Divining Divas: 100 Gay Men on Their Muses, I stopped thinking of it as a book and started thinking of it as a party. At the party, I was the guest of honor and all of the poets kept telling me how much they loved my hair—as a woman, reading Divining Divas… read more

Inferno (a poet's novel) by Eileen Myles

Well I’ll be a poet. What could be more foolish and obscure. I became a lesbian. From “An American Poem” by Eileen Myles Inferno is a chameleon. Some readers will come to Inferno (OR Books) for its story about how to become a poet. Some readers will want its imaginative history of New York in… read more