Simon Doonan: Bloodhound of Fabulosity

“I find it really fun and interesting to be gay now. The culture you get to enjoy is so hilarious and diverse and full of camp. There is such an appreciation of camp and surrealism. It’s a banquet.”

Author and creative director at Barney’s, Simon Doonan’s sixth book Gay Men Don’t Get Fat offers help for the helpless, through the well-manicured hands of gay men. Part self-help, part humorously anecdotal, and part manifesto dedicated to simply loving the gayness that makes you…well, you; Gay Men Don’t Get Fat mainly serves to help those that need a bit of encouragement to walk a bit more fiercely on this planet.

Doonan took some time to talk with Lambda about the unconventionality of being gay, his favourite literary divas, and the wonders of gay slang. … read more

'Lost Story' by Brane Mozetič

Techno, as any DJ will tell you, is a circular form of music. Its structure is built from repeating patterns called loops which the enterprising DJ can stitch into a long, continuous track. In this way, Brane Mozetič’s Lost Story resembles a techno track. Written in the form of a diary, Lost Story follows a young gay Slovenian, Bojan, who’s stuck in a loop of drugs, clubs, sex…. read more

Ira Silverberg: Opinions from a Literary Life

“I don’t have a problem with a place at the table, and I don’t have a problem with a place at the table for my clients, but I think it’s all about the work. Are you good, or are you not good?” Ira Silverberg’s life in publishing owes much to the allure of a tall… read more

Outwrite LGBT Book Fair Recap by Logan K. Young

Writer and man-about-town, Logan K. Young files a report on what he loved at this year’s inaugural Outwrite LGBT Book Fair. Unlike the rain that threatened, thankfully, the crowd was steady all day long. The inaugural OutWrite LGBT Book Fair , held on Saturday, August 6, 2011, in Washington, DC was stronger than many book… read more

Patrick Ryan: Vampires for the Post-Gay Generation

“The thing I wanted to do in this one was take a new approach to how the sexuality is dealt with. In my two previous YA novels the kids are coming out and it’s a really big deal. But that story’s becoming in some ways a product of the past.” With the publication of Saints… read more

Queering the Literary Canon: Vicente de la Rosa, the Dress Thief in 'Don Quixote'

Don Quixote, one of the greatest works of world literature, has been the object of academic studies since the inception of Queer Theory in the critical apparatus. The well-known possibility of Miguel de Cervantes’ homosexuality, the main character’s relationship with his male companion and his idealization of the impossible and inexistent heterosexual love, and other… read more

Book Buzz: Feb 2010

The American Library Association has announced its 2010 Stonewall Book Awards, given annually to English-language LGBT books of exceptional merit: fiction, Stray Dog Winter (MacAdam/Cage) by David Francis; non-fiction,Unfriendly Fire: How the Gay Ban Undermines the Military and Weakens America (St. Martin’s Press) by Nathanial Frank; and children’s and young adult literature, The Vast Fields of Ordinary (Penguin Group)… read more

Book Buzz: Jan 2010

News and noteworthy tidbits from the LGBT writing and publishing community…. read more