'Leaving Paris' by Collin Kelley

Collin Kelley has created a trio of interlocking novels that can be read in any order. Read Leaving Paris first and you’ll know the “end” of the story. Read them backwards and the characters become richer and the intricate plot lines reveal their origins… read more

Poet Collin Kelley Explores Adolescence and Sexuality in New Collection

Though established as a journalist and novelist, Collin Kelley is also a poet, and until recently, tucked poetry in the passenger seat. In The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Kelley details his writing process and the nurturing of his new collection, explaining the artistic links between himself and Virginia-born artist Sally Mann and how her work jolted his love… read more

Amanda Kyle Williams: Creating Kick-Ass Women

Mystery writer Amanda Kyle Williams first made her mark on the publishing world in the early 90s with the Madison McGuire novels from Naiad Press. Madison was Williams’ answer to The Avengers’ Emma Peel – a redheaded, kick-ass, deep cover operative, who happened to be a lesbian. Twenty years later, Williams is now with Random House and her new kick-ass heroine is Keye Street, a former FBI analyst tracking serial killers across the south, who happens to be straight. 

Williams took some time to talk with Lambda about her inspirations, her writing process, and creating well-rounded characters…. read more

'Remain in Light' by Collin Kelley

Sex, drugs, and chain-smoking Parisians abound in Collin Kelley’s new novel Remain in Light (Vanilla Heart Publishing), the cinematic sequel to his popular first novel Conquering Venus, and the second in the Venus trilogy. Depending on the page, Remain in Light is a mystery, suspense thriller, romance, or a work of glam or literary fiction…. read more

Atlanta Queer Literary Festival [Slideshow]

The 2010 Atlanta Queer Literary Festival took place earlier this month. Author and AQLF board member, Collin Kelley, shared this slideshow with LambdaLiterary.org. The premiere LGBT literary Festival in Atlanta, the 4th annual AQLF brought together a diverse assortment of poets, novelists and authors for a week-long celebration of readings by some of our favorites,… read more