November 26, 2014

Christopher Rice: On His New Novel ‘The Vines,’ the Gay Appeal of the Horror Genre, and Writing Supernatural Thrillers

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To characterize Christopher Rice as a writer who knows his way around thrills and chills would be an understatement.

At 22, he hit the ground running with A Density of Souls–now largely regarded as a gay, gothic classic–amidst a cavalcade of media interest, much of which was focused on his literary pedigree that includes mother Anne Rice, the bestselling grande dame of the supernatural, and the late Stan Rice, a celebrated poet. Critics who were quick to dismiss young Rice’s out-of-the-box success as a byproduct of that famous lineage, however, were soon eating their own words with the continued and sustained success of a series of bestselling and award-winning thrillers, including The Snow Garden, Light Before Day, Blind Fall, and The Moonlit Earth.

‘The Heavens Rise’ by Christopher Rice

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Readers who held out hope that the son of Anne Rice would eventually find his way to the dark side will rejoice over his latest novel, The Heavens Rise (Gallery Books). Those lamenting the time it took him to get here shouldn’t because the years Christopher Rice spent sharpening his literary teeth over the course of five New York Times bestselling thrillers was time well spent indeed. (more…)

Gay Marriage in New York: Writers Respond

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In an historic move, New York State has legalized same sex marriage. On June 24th, 2011 the New York State senate approved the Marriage Equality Act—which Governor Andrew Cuomo quickly signed into law—making New York the sixth state to allow gay and lesbian couples the right to wed. Massachusetts, Connecticut, Iowa, Vermont, New Hampshire, and the District of Columbia have also passed similar laws granting same-sex marriage licenses. (more…)

Anne Rice Discusses Catholic Church and Sexuality in ‘Advocate’ Interview [Video]

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Anne Rice, famed author of books about the supernatural and erotica, recently spoke to The Advocate about why she left the Catholic Church.

Rice was interviewed by her gay son, Christopher, a bestselling author and former Lambda Literary Foundation Chair. Back in July, Rice denounced the Catholic Church, calling it “dishonest” and “immoral.” Here she explains why she no longer considers herself a Christian in the traditional sense and speaks frankly about her belief that the Catholic Church is responsible for oppressing gay individuals and gay families.

2010 in Review: Gays & the Military

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One of the biggest LGBT literary trends of the past 15 months is also an important talking point in contemporary mainstream politics: gays and the military. From acclaimed WWII biographies to critical investigations of DADT to books on gender and war to romantic tales of service men and women, here is a sample of the military-inspired books that crossed our desk this year.

My First Queer Book: ‘A Density of Souls’

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The first queer book I ever read was A Density of Souls by Christopher Rice.

At the time of the reading, I was just about to turn fifteen and was growing increasingly frustrated with my sexuality. When I got on the bus and prepared for the ride ahead, I cracked the book open and began to read.

Halfway through, I realized something, then came to accept it without a doubt in my mind—I was gay, pure and simple, and there was nothing to be ashamed of.

A Density of Souls is, literally, the book that changed my life. (more…)

Book Buzz: August 2010

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Three out gay writers are among the 13 “long list” nominees for the prestigious Man Booker Prize for Fiction: Brit Emma Donoghue for Room, South African Damon Galgut for In a Strange Room, and Aussie Christos Tsiolkas for The Slap.  Emma was a joint winner of the 2008 Lambda Literary Award for Lesbian Fiction for her novel The Sealed Letter and recently published a nonfiction book, Inseparable: Desire Between Women in Literature. The Man Booker Prize winner will be announced Oct. 12 and will receive $80,000.  For details, click here.

Bella Books editorial director Karin Kallmaker has posted three extensive blogs dealing with the growing issue of piracy and its effects on lesbian writers and small presses in general. Here’s the link. (more…)

Book Buzz: Summer Must Reads

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Book Buzz asked its regular contributors to share their “must read” book this summer and tell us why it’s at the top of their list. Here’s what we got. (more…)

Giovanni’s Room profiled in ABA’s Bookselling This Week

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This week editor, Karen Schechner profiled Giovanni’s Room, the oldest gay and lesbian bookstore in the country, for Bookselling This Week. When the Philadelphia bookstore asked customers for help with a large-scale renovation, the response was overwhelming. Authors Edmund White and Christopher Rice also participated in benefit events.

“Thirty years later we had that same kind of amazing energy with people coming forward and raising money to pay for the wall,” says bookstore owner Ed Hermance. “We don’t have that kind of money. I think it’s fabulous that the community is still working hard to let us continue.” [ Via Shelf Awareness]

Christopher Rice in NYC: “My ideas come from the news”

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Christopher Rice didn’t read a word from his new book, The Moonlit Earth, during his visit at the Tribeca Barnes & Noble on Wednesday, April 14. Reading for his audience is something he gave up during the tour for 2008’s Blind Fall. At one stop, Rice didn’t read, and was later told by one of the women at the event that it was the right choice. “I don’t need anyone to read me the book,” she said.

The idea for The Moonlit Earth started with the desire to do something with a straight woman and a gay sibling. “Coming off Blind Fall I didn’t want to do that level of tension between two characters again. I had to do something softer,” he said. What he ended up with is the story of a woman rescuing her brother who disappears in the aftermath of a terrorist bombing in Hong Kong. (more…)