GunnShots: Winter 2013

Several winter evenings passed enjoyably because of new mysteries from Sam Cameron, Janice Law, David Lennon, Andrea Speed, and Joyce Thompson. Several times, in fact, I missed my usual bedtime because I had become so engrossed in the tale unfolding for me. Though very different in terms of plots and characters, thinking back I see… read more

GunnShots: Summer 2012

Here are nine novels worth setting your sights on. Seven are by old friends: Anthony Bidulka, David Lennon, Stephen Osborne, Neil S. Plakcy, Rob Rosen, Andrea Speed, and Marshall Thornton. Reading them is hunting in familiar territory, though there are some unexpected twists in the trails they take us on. Two authors are new to the scene: John Inman and David Russell. The nine employ different strategies in creating their mysteries, but they have in common characters whom you like and care about…. read more

GunnShots: Fall 2010

As of mid-September, I have read 68 gay and M/M crime novels that appeared in print in 2010. Given the popularity of the “George Eliot strategy” and bogus biographies, I cannot be certain, but 28 of them seem to have been written by men and 40 by women. I would classify 33 as M/M romances using… read more

'Infected: Prey' by Andrea Speed

Anne Cain’s cover (so unlike the smart one she did for Aaron Bradley) was such a personal turnoff that I kept the book on my shelf for two months before I bothered to open it. The old cliche about book and cover remains apt. The author, the editor-in-chief of the Comixtreme website, has created an… read more