Past Retreats

The Writers’ Retreat for Emerging LGBT Voices was established in 2007 as the newest program of Lambda Literary Foundation and is the first of its kind ever offered to LGBT writers: a one-week intensive immersion in fiction, nonfiction, or poetry. The retreat is an unparalleled opportunity to learn from the very best writers in the LGBT community. Faculty have included Dorothy Allison, Claire Carmichael, Bernard Cooper, Elana Dykewomon, Katherine V. Forrest, Rigoberto Gonzalez, Eloise Klein Healy, Fenton Johnson, Michael Nava, D.A. Powell, John Rechy, Ellen Bass, Ellery Washington and Nicola Griffith.

Applicants of the retreat submit twenty pages of fiction/nonfiction or 10 pages of poetry that are evaluated for craft, creativity and originality. Thirty students are accepted into the competitive program where they spend the week working on their manuscripts and attending lectures by publishing industry professionals. Ability to pay is in no way part of the decision-making process. The LLF Writers’ Retreat Fellows have gone on to publish an impressive array of works.

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