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As we approach the end of the year we’re more interested in looking forward than back. Yes, we’re proud and grateful that, with your help, we continued and improved upon our longstanding programs—the Lambda Literary Awards; the return of the Writers’ Retreat for Emerging LGBT Voices; and the launch of our new website,, which has become your online destination for book reviews, author interviews and publishing news. These were the goals we set one year ago and we’ve accomplished them.

A great deal of work still remains to advance and defend LGBT writers, writing, and publishers.  If this past year has been about solidifying our base, 2011 will be about expanding our reach.

To achieve that goal, we need your year-end, tax deductible donation todayHelp us raise $7500 by December 31, 2010 so that we can bring you the following exciting initiatives in 2011:

  • Expansion of to include better resource information for writers, readers, librarians, publishers and others.  We plan to host lists of agents, publishers, publication tips, and a complete bibliography for each year’s LGBT titles.
  • Online courses and webinars. These are some of the new ways to help the LGBT literary stars of the future hone their craft.
  • LGBT writers in schools. Imagine our authors visiting schools for readings, classes and other events.  With anti-bullying efforts taking root across the nation, what better way to make a difference by introducing our literature to the next generation?
  • LLF sponsored book clubs.  With the announcement of the Lambda Literary Award finalists in March, we’ll begin book clubs to read and discuss nominated books!
  • Stronger relationships with other organizations. LLF will form more alliances with mainstream groups that may have their hearts in the right place but just don’t know how to go about serving our community.
  • Advocate for increased coverage of LGBT titles. Need we say more?
  • Expand our reach internationally.  LLF has members and supporters all over the world.  Let’s go global!
  • Implement your ideas!  What do you think is important?  What initiatives do you think we ought to pursue?  LLF’s key goals include openness and transparency.  We’ve been around for more than two decades – but we’re just getting started!

Literature isn’t over. Far from it. Rather, our purview is expanding to include electronic and cloud-based delivery of LGBT publications. We are changing to meet those challenges and seize those new opportunities. We intend to continue to be there through this critical time.

Be our partner in the battle to ensure that LGBT literature continues to flourish. We need your support today to enable us to accomplish more for our community than we’ve ever done before.

Please help us attain our goals by making a generous, year-end tax deductible donation today.

Make your gift of $25, $50, $100 or more – whatever you can afford -and help us continue our work of preserving, celebrating and building LGBT literature. You can also choose to become a recurring monthly donor to Lambda Literary. Your year-round tax-deductible support of $10, $25 or $50 a month will guarantee we achieve each of our 2011 initiatives! Choose recurring gift on the membership page.

On behalf of the Staff and Board of Trustees of Lambda Literary Foundation, thank you for your part in the past year of growth. Have a safe and happy New Year!

Tony Valenzuela
Executive Director

One Response to “Support Lambda Literary Foundation’s New Initiatives for 2011”

  1. Eddie 3 January 2011 at 4:36 PM #

    I will always support Lambda Literary when ever I can. I believe in the organization’s mission whole heartedly, and will alway be a fan.

    In regards to Lambda’s 2011 Initiatives, “Online Courses & Webinars” is by far the most important Initiative you have on the list. I think there is a large LGBT community who have something they want to say, but not the skill set necessary to communicate their thoughts into written prose eloquently. And I personally would prefer to learn these skills from LGBT published authors..

    I’ve taken a few online courses, and so far I’ve liked the structure and format of “ed2go” the most , which is offered by my local community college in Seattle. For more information, you can visit the following links:'s_Workshop.html

    I hope this information will help get online courses started at Lambda Literary soon.

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