As we bid farewell to 2011, I’ll make this simple.  If the Lambda Literary Foundation is one of your favorite nonprofit organizations, if the work we do on behalf of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender literature – the literary awards, the Emerging Writers Retreat, the reviews and interviews, LGBT authors in schools – if these programs are meaningful to you, and if you plan to make one more tax-deductible contribution before the end of the year, please send your donation to LLF, or click here, by December 31st.

There’s one more thing I’d like to ask you to think about now, or in the future, that concerns the long-term sustainability of this organization.  Consider naming the Lambda Literary Foundation in your Will or Trust:  It’s simple to add a bequest.  Possible language includes:

(a)        I hereby give the sum of $__________ to The Lambda Literary Foundation, a non-profit corporation.

(b)        I hereby give that certain real property located at __________________ to The Lambda Literary Foundation, a non-profit corporation.

(c)        I hereby give the residue of my estate to The Lambda Literary Foundation, a non-profit corporation.

We’ve been working diligently at LLF to build a stronger, more vibrant, more impactful Foundation to honor our literary heritage, to be of value to our emerging and established writers, to inform our vast reading community, and to ensure a future of support for our literature.  We’ve been at this work for nearly 25 years and we’re planning ahead for the next.  Thank you for your generosity and good will.

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