Lambda Literary Foundation, the nation’s leading nonprofit organization for the LGBT literary community, is pleased to announce that it has received a grant of $18,300 from the Los Angeles County Arts Commission through its Organizational Grant Program.  The two-year operating expenses grant of $9,150 each year through 2015 will help continue to fund Lambda Literary’s Program Coordinator position.

“This generous grant represents a better than 50% increase over the L.A. County Arts Commission’s last award to LLF and affirms the Foundation’s unique and meaningful work to spotlight LGBT literature and support LGBT writers in Los Angeles and throughout the nation,” said Tony Valenzuela, LLF’s Executive Director.

“These grants ensure that a wide variety of cultural services will continue to reach County residents,” said Los Angeles County Arts Commission President Peter Lesnik. “Many organizations are receiving funding to pay for salaries or job creation. This will positively impact the residents of Los Angeles County through increased job opportunities.”

The L.A. County Arts Commission grant is a significant contribution to the mission of Lambda Literary Foundation to nurture, celebrate and preserve lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender literature.  The award will allow LLF to expand the capacity of the Program Coordinator’s role in the organization to continually improve the day-to-day administrative operations and program development essential to serving a broad and diverse literary community.

Lambda Literary Foundation is one of a diverse range of arts groups receiving support from the Los Angeles County Arts Commission.  Lists of current grantees are at

Los Angeles Arts County Arts


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