Bold Strokes Books authors Lee Lynch, Nell Stark, and Kim Baldwin join the “It Gets Better” campaign, with a positive message for teens.

In the first clip, Kim Baldwin explains how she went from being her parents’ favorite child to a period of two decades of separation from her family. Things got better for Baldwin when she found new friends and started a new life.

Lee Lynch recalls that bullying started for her in preschool. Most surprising (or not surprising at all), one of her biggest high school bullies came out as gay in college. He later apologized for taunting her so much.

One of the ways it did get better, recounts the author, is that at 61 she found the love of her life and is now married.

Nell Stark was not out in high school, but she was a “dork” who used big words and felt out of sorts. Although her immediate family reacted badly to her coming out, Stark found a family in her college friends.

“You can choose a family who loves you for who you are,” advises Stark.

In the 10 years since she’s come out however, Stark’s biological family has gradually started to accept her and embrace her.

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