The LGBTQI Book Saved My Life! campaign, a crowd-sourced video project conducted in conjunction with the Lambda Literary Awards (“Lammys”), was created to recognize LGBTQI literature of all types.

Perhaps a book has changed the way you think about your sexual or gender identity. Or helped you through that rough patch, when you just weren’t sure you could own up to being a queer artist. Maybe reading an LGBTQI novel blew your mind and expanded your horizons. Did Huck Finn mean something totally different to you than he did to your classmates? Did Dancer From the Dance give you the courage to write about your first kiss? Has a piece of literature ever meant so much to you that it eased the pain of living and working outside the “mainstream,” in a world where not only our books but our lives are shelved separately from everyone else’s?

Selections from this campaign were bused in a commemorative video shown at the 26th Annual Lambda Literary Awards on June 2, 2014.

Lambda Literary Awards 2014 from melanie larosa on Vimeo.


Thanks to Melanie La Rosa, 2014 Lammy Host Committee Co-Chair, for producing and editing this video.

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  • Ron Fritsch

One Response to “Watch the ‘LGBTQI Book Saved My Life!’ Video”

  1. Joe Clark 6 June 2014 at 2:10 PM #

    This is really not going to go anywhere if you insist on antagonizing the last remaining readers of actual gay and lesbian books, namely gays and lesbians, by naming the awards after something that does not exist, “LGBTQI.” Quick, Lammys: Name me three “I” books, one of which changed your life.

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