This week, a new poem by P. Elan that’s perfect for the end of the summer.


1. Up the fire escape and onto the roof is the lemon tree
and the neighbor’s pet milk snake and it’s where I play Eve
++in the summer:
I’m on top / I’ve got my hands on her chest
I I I am choosing.

2. I sleep too hot / dream too hard
legs spread
my lover’s got her whole hand in me
head on my stomach
I like this even better than her strap-on
although I like that too.

3. I am done with begging, done so fuck that:
if I get down on my knees it’ll be her –

4. I fill the caverns of my body with citrus & citrus this season.

5. We feed the sea lions and talk about deep shit late at night.
We fall asleep and I sweat through the sheets.

6. Riot (riot & riot)

7. Sometimes she comes from that: her hand
deep in me.

8. I am pink and sticky and thick in my skin. Tart. Sweet. Sheathed.

9. All I want to do is use my dirty mouth – all
the dirty words – to say the way the river comes
is like God-awe, is unstoppable,
is like the final stitch in a bright silk dress.
So put me on.


P. Elan is an MFA candidate at the University of Victoria, British Columbia, where she has learned to nod & smile convincingly whenever horoscopes are mentioned. She would probably write more poems, if she didn’t spend so much time watching her cat sleep. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Mississippi Review, elimae, The Journal, and Birdfeast.

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  • Lambda Literary Awards!

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