Last week Go Magazine published their annual list of “100 Women We Love”  and this year’s roster includes several literary ladies including playwright Kate Moira Ryan; blogger/erotica author, Sinclair Sexsmith; one of our new fav up-and-coming memoirist Melissa Febos,  journalist Kim Severson, Lisa C. Moore, multiple Lambda Award winner Ellen Hart, Ivan Coyote, and our very own Sarah Schulman.

Sinclair Sexsmith (Blogger/Erotica Author)

“I decided to either go to the gym or write erotica every time I wanted to have sex, and I ended up writing a whole lot of erotica. The beginnings of the blog were mostly fiction, things I wished I was doing, and some tortured posts about my relationship. It became a personal meditation on sex and desire, and new acceptance about my own kink, sexuality, desires and relationships.”

  • Her writing appears in ‘Sometimes She Lets Me’ a Butch/Femme Erotica anthology edited by Tristan Taormino, published by Cleis Press.

Kate Moira Ryan (Playwright)

Ryan says she is comfortable being called a “lesbian playwright,” but “the tag I really hate is ‘lesbian woman playwright.’ That’s like saying ‘fictional novel.’”

  • ‘The Beebo Brinker Chronicles,’ Ryan’s adaptation of Ann Bannon’s classic lesbian pulp novels, written with Linda S. Chapman, was recently published by the Dramatists Play Service and was nominated for a Lambda Literary Award this year.

Melissa Febos (Memoirist/Educator)

“If Whip Smart has a message, it is one of self-acceptance,” she explains. “And, I hope it suggests that we often don’t know as much as we think we do about ourselves and other people; the world becomes a bigger, more interesting place when we figure that out.”

KS Stevens (
Playwright and producer)

“It is my hope that my works inspire dialogue and motivate individuals to look at characters, situations and stereotypes with fresh eyes, so that we can empathize and have more respect for ourselves and each other.”

  • Stevens hosts the web series Queer Arts Now.

Kim Severson (Journalist/Memoirist)

“I hope my work inspires people to cook more and to sit down and eat together. So many people in the LGBT community make their own families. We need to create our own family table.”

  • Severson’s new memoir, ‘Spoon Fed: How Eight Cooks Saved My Life’ was published by Riverhead Books (a division of Penguin Group USA) in April 2010.

Lisa C. Moore (Founder/Editor RedBone Press)

“I hope that through my work more black gay and lesbian people become comfortable with who they are, and realize that they’re not alone in the world; I also hope to give the broader culture access to some of our lives. Books have always helped to increase understanding, and I think I’m helping to accomplish that.”

  • Samiya Bashir’s ‘Gospel’ (published by RedBone Press in 2009) was a finalist for the Lambda Literary Award.

Vanessa “L.A.” Mullings (Former Hip-hop Artist/Author)

“Touching the world while staying true to myself, I’ve realized, is my true purpose in life.”

  • Her self-published novel is titled ‘The Night Trade’.

Charlotte Cooper (Journalist/Blogger/Author)

“I am proud to be a fat dyke, and part of a fat lib community that stretches back over 40 years. I guess that moving through the world with such a sensibility is also a form of activism.”

  • She’s the author of ‘Fat and Proud: The Politics of Size’ and the novel ‘Cherry.’

Sarah Schulman (Playwright/Author/Intellectual)

“It was crystal clear that homophobia in the family was a profound and fundamental experience for queer people, and yet it had never been theorized. In fact, I had to coin the phrase ‘Familial Homophobia’ because there was no name for it,” Schulman explains. “The incredible emotional urgency with which the book has been received has been so exciting and satisfying. I am really, really proud of this book.”

  • ‘Ties that Bind: Familial Homophobia and Its Consequences’, published by The New Press, was a finalist for the Lambda Literary Award this year.

Ellen Hart (Mystery Author)

“I’ve known that LGBT mysteries were essentially subversive in the sense that I can take a well-known literary form, the crime novel, and add an element that isn’t mainstream: a lesbian sleuth. I want to give my community an opportunity to see themselves portrayed in popular fiction—not as the victim, not as the twisted perpetrator, but as the hero.”

  • Her novel ‘Mirror in the Mask’, published by St. Martin’s Minotaur (a division of St. Martin’s Press, was nominated for a Lambda Literary Award this year.

Ivan Coyote (Author)

“I like to do gigs in small towns to an audience full of loggers and pulp mill workers. This is when I will bust out a fishing story or a grandmother story. When they see the common human experience in my work, I tell a story about being hassled in the women’s washroom. Any queers in the audience see themselves represented, and the loggers are given something to think about. I want to build a community of humans that care about the lives of the strangers sitting next to them.”

  • Her latest short story collection, ‘Missed Her,’ will be published in September 2010 by Arsenal Pulp Press.

Portia DeRossi (Actor/Memoirst)

“I think it’s up to us to save marriage—up to gay people across the country, seeing as though we’re fighting for it so vehemently.”

  • Her new memoir, ‘Unbearable Lightness: A Story of Loss and Gain,’ will be published by Atria in October 2010.

Beth Ditto (Entertainer/Memoirist)

“As a woman, I think the media really wants to see you demonized for having a life outside your musical family,” she counters. “A woman has her nuclear family, and that’s supposed to be all there is; if she steps outside that role of wife, mother or daughter to become an independent personality, she’s immediately criticized for neglecting her motherly duty. That’s exactly how I feel about Gossip; like I should have that motherly duty to my band. If I were a man I don’t think it would be a problem.”

  • Her memoir, ‘Coal To Diamonds,’ is due in mid-September 2010 through Random House imprint Spiegel & Grau.

The complete list click here.

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