This weekend LLF caught up with Bryan Batt (Mad Men) to chat about his new memoir, She Ain’t Heavy, She’s My Mother at the 21st Annual GLAAD Awards in New York City. It’s no secret that we love to read memoirs here at LLF. We publish new bio/memoir reviews every Wednesday. Batt’s new book published by Harmony/Crown chronicles his life and his mother’s supportive presence in it.

We spoke with Batt ever so briefly on the red carpet, but he promised Lambda Literary an exclusive interview in the coming months. So stay tuned!

LLF: Your memoir has become very popular with our reviewers. In the past month, We’ve had the most requests for your new memoir. Can you tell us about your mom?

BB: She’s the energizer bunny. They’re going to have to drag her kicking and screaming. She’s one of these ladies whose hair is always done all the time: the nails, the make up, everything. She’s amazing. She’s a Steel Magnolia. She’s Auntie Mame. She’s the sweetest thing. What I love about her the most, she can tell someone they can go to hell in a way that they would say “Thank you very much” and then ask for directions.

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One Response to “Bryan Batt talks about his memoir and mom @ GLAAD Awards”

  1. Perry Brass 22 March 2010 at 6:45 PM #

    Bryan Batt is the most adorable man in the world; OK, if he’s not, he’s in the top ten. I met him in NY last year, after being crazy about him on Mad Men, where he is so in character that it is hard to recognize him out of it. He’s an amazing actor. But in person, he’s delightful, funny, sweet, charming, and very New Orleans. I lived in New Orleans in the early 80s and we compared New Orleans notes. New Orleans is a strange city: you are never the same after you live there. So we talked about that. I’m delighted that he’s written a memoir. Now I hope he’ll write one about being a Broadway baby, which he is.

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