After a young(er) Chris Colfer took J.K. Rowling’s autographed photo home, he lovingly placed it under his pillow for weeks. Besides his unabashed love for Rowling, Colfer also reveals the book on his nightstand, his favorite tomes, and the authors he’d get drinks with. [GayStarNews]

George Takei Releases Spoof Reading of ‘50 Shades of Grey’: If you’ve busted a gut over George Takei’s oft hilarious Facebook posts, you might want to check out his reading of E. L. James’ 50 Shades of Grey. [TorontoSun]

New Book Aims To Take ‘Mask Off’ HIV’s Misconceptions: A new book titled Face Off HIV aims to educate Minnesotans about the disease. It features personal accounts from more than 40 HIV-positive people. [CBSLocal]


Photo: Chris Colfer

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One Response to “Glee’s Chris Colfer Talks Books”

  1. Lori 29 May 2013 at 10:00 PM #

    Chris Colfer, Hope your still in New York,
    because in the next season of Glee, will reveal Kurt’s future. Cause the thing is, that Blaine worked so hard, to deserve his future to be with Kurt. Cause Kurt is right, that relationships is about trust. Blaine is going to trust himself, as he can trust Kurt at the same time. But this is Kurt’s and Blaine’s future. Don’t forget about good times that Kurt had with Blaine, good memories, laughter, love, Dalton days and seeing the goodness in each other. Blaine made a change in his life to spend time with Kurt for the rest of his life. It’s giving Blaine one more chance, he’s going to do the right and making the right future for Kurt. And he’s going to do it right. In the right way. This is about respectfulness and he’s going to use it carefully. Cause Kurt is special, sensitive and so kind. Cause the heart of Kurt, can speak for itself. I’m like Kurt, I’m special, sensitive and so kind. A kindest relationship to somebody like Blaine, is just by giving him another chance and he will make things right, Kurt will know that. Blaine has something to ask Kurt on Glee in the this fall. If Kurt can believe in his heart, by having a future with Blaine, can show how Blaine has changed, by turning things around. Kurt meant everything to Blaine, since he changed Blaine’s life around since the day he met him at Dalton. By the way, I love your book cover. And a message to Kurt, I like to put your hands on me in your skin tight jeans, I’ll be your teenage dream tonight. Blaine looked at Kurt, when he sang that line. I’m a singer myself. I was taught to sing high, professionally. I’m the same range as Blaine or Darren. Sincerely Lori from Minnesota

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