Kathy feels like a boy on the inside but looks like any other little girl. Worse, no one believes her when she tells them who she really is. The many issues transgender children face are the topic of child psychologist Wallace Wong’s new illustrated book, When Kathy is Keith.

“In [the] B.C. area…we have really limited support for transgender population,” Wong said. “And therefore [among] those who are specialized in seeing this group of population, many of them are focused on adults and only a few of us are focusing on children and youth.” [Straight]

Ira Silverberg Heads to Washington: Veteran literary agent Ira Silverberg has officially taken up his post as literary director of the National Endowment for the Arts. He helped kick start the careers of writers like Neil Strauss and Dennis Cooper. Known as the “gay godfather”, he officiated at weddings and fathered a baby for a lesbian couple. Though he will be missed by clients and colleagues, Silverberg will continue to shape the industry, albeit in a different way. [Observer]

Atlanta’s Gay-Owned Bookstores Strive to Stay Open: Charis Books & More owners reflect upon the changing times, their past struggles, and the future of small businesses. [TheGAVoice]

Highlights From the Miami Book Fair: Here’s an in-depth summary of the LGBT happenings during November’s Miami Book Fair. Discover the challenges LGBT writers have yet to overcome, the importance of LGBT literature for questioning youth, the queer working class experience, and gay and lesbian involvement in the Occupy Movement. [SouthFloridaGayNews]

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