After four decades of public service, openly gay congressman Barney Frank’s career might soon take a literary turn. He told WBUR about his plans to write a book about LGBT equality. Frank said:

“My career in government and the gay rights movement are virtually of the same age. I got elected to the state legislature in 1972, three years after Stonewall, which is really the beginning — the Stonewall riots of 1969 — of the gay rights movement. And I’ve been involved literally for 40 years in every movement to try and diminish the prejudice based on sexual orientation and later gender identity, and I want to write about that.” [Advocate]

Ten Rules for Writers: Israeli writer Etgar Keret shares ten tips you need to know before penning your next great novel. [RookieMag]

No More ‘Homophobia’? AP Raises the Question: The debate over whether or not to include the term “phobia” (which would include homophobia and Islamophobia) is raging on among journalists. This comes after a controversial decision by the Associated Press to “recommended against the use of ‘phobia’ in ‘political and social contexts.’” [LATimes]

Opening the Closet Door on Straight Man’s LGBT Book: Award winning author Gregory G. Allen comments on The Cross in the Closet, a book about a straight Christian man’s experience of playing gay for a year. [HuffingtonPost]


(Photo: Barney Frank via The Advocate)

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