Bay Windows’ Dana Rudolph argues that children’s books featuring the accomplishments of LGBT people are seriously lacking until at least high school. It’s time for authors and publishers to step up and fill the gap. Rudolph explains:

“Children deserve to know about all of the major civil rights movements of our time. They deserve to learn, when relevant, if and how people’s significant relationships and struggles against inequality impacted their lives, no matter what the reason for their fame. And for young people who are LGBT or questioning, or who have LGBT parents, it is important to see LGBT people achieving in many areas of life.” [BayWindows]

Pride & Joy Heads to Thornes Marketplace: Pride & Joy, a prominent store that served the gay and lesbian community in Massachusetts for almost two decades, has reopened in Thornes Marketplace. The shop, which has seen several changes in ownership over the past few years, was purchased last summer by a lesbian couple who revamped it. Featuring LGBT books, movies, and greeting cards, there is now a clothing line and souvenirs for tourists. Happily, the new owners report that business has been booming. [MassLive]

CBR Exclusive Interview: ‘Teen Titans’ Author Scott Lobdell: CBR News chats with Scott Lobdell about his re-imagined Teen Titan, Bunker, why he chose to make the hero flamboyantly gay, the controversy surrounding his decision, and what all this will mean for young readers. [ComicBookResources]

Kids’ Books That Make a Difference: Want your little ones to delve into inclusive books while they’re home for the holidays? Here’s a roundup of kids’ books with themes of tolerance and diversity, including Donovan’s Big Day by Leslea Newman and My Princess Boy by Cheryl Kilodavis. [PrideSource]

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