Why So Few Gay Characters in Teen Fiction?: KJ Dellantonia, in wondering why so many of the LGBT characters we see in YA novels are either struggling with their sexuality or token characters, asks:

“Where are all the gay vampires, werewolves, witches and just plain ordinary kids-in-a-story (as opposed to kids-with-a-story)?…Are you with me? Should there be characters in young-adult fiction who aren’t all about their sexuality, but who are sexually outside the hetero norm just the same? Or do those characters belong only in the young-adult equivalent of the after-school special, clearly labeled to prevent unexpected reader consumption?” [NYTimes]

Gay In America: On Monday, October 17th, at The Center in New York City, Scott Pasfield, author of Gay In America, will host a slideshow, discussion, and book signing. Pasfield’s book chronicles the struggles and triumphs of 140 gay men across the United States with vivid photos and emotional stories. Find out more about this not-to-be-missed event here.

‘The Kids Are Alright’ Being Written For an HBO Series: Academy Award nominated film, “The Kids Are Alright,” which starred Annette Bening and Julianne Moore as a married lesbian couple, will be hitting the silver screen in the future…as an HBO television series. Writer Lisa Cholodenkoz, the director and co-writer of the film, is working on a pilot episode for the series, which will pick up where the film left off. [HollywoodChicago]

Philadelphia Gay News Articles Examine Homosexuality in U.S. History: Mark Segal, prominent gay rights activist and founder of Philadelphia Gay News, has started publishing a monthlong series of articles dealing with homosexuality in the U.S. and how major historical figures treated gay people. The series, titled “We are America: How members of the LGBT community helped create the U.S.A.”, will appear in Philadelphia Gay News and in 30 other nationwide publications. These articles serve as Segal’s response to a comment made by conservatives last year, apparently stating that “the Founding Fathers didn’t have homosexuals in mind when they formed the United States.”

“We’re telling historians to get their history straight,” Segal said. “For too long, they’ve put gay people in the closet.” [Philly]

That’s How Jane Lynch Sees It: Jane Lynch, one of the funniest out lesbians on prime time (Glee, anyone?), recently spoke to Windy City Times about the very personal revelations made in her new memoir, Happy Accidents, how her family reacted to the book, and same-sex marriage. [WindyCityMedia]

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