Today, we have Curve, DIVA, and a host of lesbian-centered blogs to entertain us. But decades before these publications hit the scene, there were other, lesser-known mags that served the lesbian community. Autostraddle takes an in-depth look at the publications of old! [Autostraddle]

Gender of novelists in gay fiction: Does it matter?: Kergan Edwards-Stout writes:

“With the explosion of the male/male romance genre (m/m for short), I’m seeing more and more authors not only using pseudonyms but actually trying to pass themselves off as gay men in their media interviews and online marketing efforts. This begs the question: Does the gender of a novelist matter? Or, better yet, does the truth matter when writing fiction?”

Read on for an in-depth look at great gay novelists, today’s m/m romance genre, and what the demise of LGBT bookstores means for today’s authors. [HuffingtonPost]

Student’s Gay Love Story Wins Herald Prize: Ashleigh Mounser, an 18-year-old writer, was named The Sydney Morning Herald Young Writer of the Year. One moving piece included in her portfolio was a love story between two male soldiers during World War I.

“Ashleigh constructed her story with humanity and dignity and love,” Rachel McLean, one of the competition’s judges, told The Age. [TheAge]

Queer Author Nominated for Toronto Book Award: Farzana Doctor’s Six Metres of Pavement, which won the Lambda Award for Lesbian Fiction this past June, is now a finalist for the Toronto Book Award. [Xtra]

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One Response to “Six Venerable Lesbian Magazines You Should Know About”

  1. Kergan Edwards-Stout 10 September 2012 at 12:16 PM #

    Thanks for including my Huffington Post article in your news recap! Much appreciated.

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