Having just finished an out of this world (literally) short piece by African-American author Octavia E. Butler, Andre Seewood writes:

“this overarching and obsessive need to see all science fiction by African-Americans as a metaphor or commentary on slavery or racial inequities tends to make the question of race a central theme within the work (whether it is actually there or not) to the exclusion of all the other prominent themes as Butler pointed out in her afterword to BLOODCHILD.  In placing the racial frame upon the science fiction/fantasy/or futurist work of African-Americans we too hastily discard the genuine scientific, fantasy or futurist aspects of the work, which in turn, weakens and /or perverts the author’s original intent.” [IndieWire]

Gore Vidal Books: Essential Novels And Essay Collections: Famed author and contrarian Gore Vidal died last week at the ripe age of 86. Nevertheless, his most notable works continue to make waves. Make your next novel selection from this slideshow of Vidal’s greatest releases. [HuffingtonPost]

Matt Damon and Michael Douglas Suit Up to Play Gay Lovers On Set of HBO ‘Liberace’ Film: Matt Damon is taking a trip to the 1970s with Michael Douglas for HBO’s Liberace, a new film about the legendary gay Ave Maria singer. Check out the details and shots of the colorful garb here.

 (Photo:  Octavia-Butler via Indiewire)

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