Superheroes: great at fighting crime, but when it comes to sexuality, they tend to huddle inside the nearest closet and bolt the door. DC Comics, however, has plans to change all that. This September, expect 52 brand new #1 issues with the return of beloved characters like Superman and Wonder Woman.

In this heroic revamping, several gay and lesbian characters will take center stage with their own titles. Batwoman and The Question will officially be lady-lovers, with the African American Voodoo cast as bisexual. Apollo and Midnighter, a superhero couple in an alternate line of DC comics, will join the main cast of characters.

The Advocate chatted with Co-Publisher Dan Didio about this diverse new cast and what we can expect next.

Gay ‘Archie’ Character to Have His Own Comic Book: And the comics just keep getting gayer…Kevin Keller, Riverdale’s first openly gay character, is slated for a promotion. This February, Keller will star in his own monthly comic book series and even get hitched next year.

“He’s proven to be incredibly popular,” Jon Goldwater, co-chief executive of Archie Comics told the New York Times. “We’re just so proud of the success of Kevin and the fact that he adds a new dynamic to Riverdale.”

Homophobic opposition has also been surprisingly minimal.

“Out of all the people who subscribe to the Archie books, we only had seven total cancellations,” Goldwater added. [NYTimesArtsbeat]

Students Slam ‘Inaccurate’ Stonewall Guide: Stonewall’s second annual guide has recently received a bout of criticism from LGBT students and educators across the UK for alleged inaccuracies and missing information.

Another big issue was the lack of transgender inclusion in certain sections of the guide.

“Warwick Pride has, for as long as I can remember, always made sure to advertise itself as an LGBTUA+ [lesbian, gay, bi, trans, undefined and asexual] society,” said Lucy Davies, a transgender representative at the University of Warwick. [Lesbilicious]

E Books by Rainbow Rumpus Promote Diversity: Many of us know that it can get difficult to find LGBT-related materials in local libraries and classrooms. And children’s books featuring gay parents can become almost impossible to track down. That’s why Rainbow Rumpus, an LGBT family fiction publisher, is providing the public with a free series of e-books about kids with LGBT parents.

“These types of books are difficult to find at the library,” one teacher told Out in Jersey. “I think it’s important to have them in the classroom.” [OutinJersey]

Photographer Seeks Gay Subjects for Photography Book: Tom Atwood, author of photography book Kings in Their Castles, is on the hunt for LGBT individuals with “unique living spaces.” The subjects, who can reside in any city across the U.S., will be featured in Atwood’s second book titled Kings & Queens in Their Castles. If you’re interested, e-mail [WindyCityMedia]

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