Lend a helping hand to the folks at the LGBT community library in Raleigh, North Carolina. As a non-profit working to serve gays and lesbians in the area, the organization depends on donations from do-gooders across the country. Check out its online wish-list here.

LGBT Summer Book Treats: Whether you plan to beat the heat with an LGBT fiction novel or prefer to crack open a queer history book as you embark on your morning commute, there’s something for everyone on this list. [WindyCityMedia]

An Interview With Abdellah Taïa: Prominent Moroccan gay rights activist and writer Abdellah Taïa chats about writing in French, facing extreme homophobia, and his popular coming-out letter, “Homosexuality Explained to My Mother”. [AsymptoteJournal]

Several Anti-Gay Organizations Fail to Rescind FAIR Act by Ballot in California: Examiner writer Gregory Kelley argues that opposition to the FAIR Act is misguided and damaging to LGBT children. Kelley writes:

“There is nothing wrong with opening up the gay culture to others so that we all may live in respectful independence of each other. Let’s all learn today so we will not repeat the past in the future.” [Examiner]


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